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ADRFCO is the national association for direct-response fundraising professionals.

On the theory that effective self-regulation helps prevent unnecessary government regulation, the Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel (ADRFCO) was founded in 1986 to protect the legitimate interests of direct-response fundraising consultants by aiming to achieve three main goals:

  1. To create and enforce the industry’s first set of comprehensive ethical standards,
  2. To represent its members’ interests before state and federal government, and
  3. To educate nonprofit organizations and the general public about the use of direct-response fundraising.

Every day, ADRFCO works to instill confidence in the public—and provide vital information to direct-response fundraising professionals all around the country. We are dedicated to educating the public about the positive impact of direct-response fundraising.

Upon joining, members commit to adhere to ADRFCO’s Rules of Business Ethics and Practice.

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ADRFCO Members

ADRFCO is the national association for direct response fundraising professionals. Services provided by members include offering advice and counsel; conducting feasibility studies and tests; designing and managing campaigns; developing and advising the production of solicitation materials; and providing mailing lists. Members of ADRFCO subscribe to a comprehensive ethics code, the Rules of Business Ethics and Practice.

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Our sixteen member board of directors, is composed of the industry’s top professionals, each elected by the membership to serve out a three-year term in which their dedication and commitment to ADRFCO is put into action through their involvement with our various committees: Ethics, Fundraising, Legislation & Policy, Membership, Public Relations, Member Services, Nominations.

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ADRFCO Partners

Partnership with ADRFCO is open to companies in the direct marketing fundraising profession that are not counsel, but who work with ADRFCO members to efficiently and expertly deliver top-quality work to client organizations. Our ADRFCO Partners provide experience, reliability, and the latest services and supplies in a variety of fields, including:

Caging and Related Services • Copywrighting & Graphic Arts • Legal & Accounting • Lettershops
List Brokers & Managers • Production Management • Telemarketing

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Robert Tigner,
General Counsel



Robert Tigner,
General Counsel